Tiling with glazed tiles is the best solution for the walls of humid rooms (kitchens, washrooms, bathrooms...).

Its glazed finish means that the material has no porosity, so moisture does not enter the material and the accumulation of dirt is reduced and the proliferation of mold only to the joints.

The range of finishes offered by the tiles is so varied that it can be combined with all styles: stone effect, wood effect, rustic, etc. 

In the latest trends, the most common is to make the walls and the shower tray with tiles to match the rest of the floor and the rest of the walls of the bathroom with microcement. The result is an elegant and lasting effect.

It is also used on the walls of kitchens for the fronts, facilitating the cleaning of the splashes produced in the cooking and washing of food. Besides being more economical than a marble or silestone front, it also adds a personal touch to the kitchen.