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Microcement is a craft material application, which allows to create continuous spaces without joints. With its subtle textures with betas and natural-looking water marbling, they are increasingly appreciated by decorators and architects.

Its thickness is only 2-3 mm, and can be applied on all types of materials, so there is no need to remove tiles or take out debris. Given these cost savings, it makes microcement better in price in competitive position compared to those with less decorative value, such as marble, tiles, stoneware and porcelain. 

Microcement can be applied on floors, walls, furniture, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and stairs. Since it is waterproof we can apply it in bathtubs and sinks as well. 

Because of the selection of the best materials and strict complaince of the work process we set, we can guarantee the quality of execution of microcement and polished concrete. 


Polished concrete

This cement with decorative finish is used for both inside and outside. Its mechanical properties, excellent adhesion and impermeability can be applied in bathrooms, on floors, walls, work surfaces and objects.


Venetian plaster

The Venetian plaster is a technique of great beauty, it is appreciated and now copied worldwide. It consists of applying layers of plaster applied on by a spatula creating a smooth surface with embossed effect reminiscent of marble.

The composition is made up of pigments, slaked lime and powdered marble selected. Soft and shiny effect is obtained by extending two to three layers of lime plaster or marble finish. It is a product that allows a fine, bright and pleasant, typical finish of the history of Venice and a Venetian villa.

Venetian plaster techniques include marble effect, sgraffito and plaster.