The construction solutions with metal profiles are very common in construction.

Unlike other systems, steel profiles are slimmer, lighter and quicker to assemble. That is why it is used for the structure of buildings with large lights such as industrial buildings, structural reinforcements in existing buildings, extensions, wall overtures, etc.

The drawback that more must be taken care of the metal structures is the risk to be oxidized. To do this always paint with antioxidant paints and then, if seen, with the desired enamel.

Another important inconvenience is its behavior in front of the fire. While traditional materials warn before yielding cracks or similar, steel does not, and this can pose a serious problem for the extinction of fires because of the imminent risk of the structure collapsing. In this case, depending on the use of the metal profile, there are different systems to increase its resistance to fire with coatings of fireproof mortars, intumescent paints and insulation among others.